About Dr. Mori

Dr. Mori is a leading researcher in the field of Protein Quality Control, focusing on the biological and physiological importance of the Unfolded Protein Response.



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Key publications

  • Loss of ATF6a in a Human Carcinoma Cell Line Is Compensated not by Its Paralogue ATF6b but by
    Mol. Biol. Cell, 2023
  • A Motor Neuron Disease-associated Mutation Produces Non-glycosylated Seipin that Induces ER Stress a
    eLife, 2022
  • Purified EDEM3 or EDEM1 alone produces determinant oligosaccharide structures from M8B in mammalian
    eLife, 2021
  • Antipsychotic olanzapine-induced misfolding of proinsulin in the endoplasmic reticulum account for
    eLife, 2020
  • EDEM2 Stably Disulfide-bonded to TXNDC11 Catalyzes the First Mannose Trimming Step in Mammalian Glyc
    eLife, 2020
  • UPR Transducer BBF2H7 Allows Export of Type II Collagen in a Cargo- and Developmental Stage-Sp
    J. Cell Biol., 2017
  • Unfolded Protein Response Transducer IRE1-mediated Signaling Independent of XBP1 mRNA Splicing
    eLife, 2017
  • Forcible Destruction of Severely Misfolded Mammalian Glycoproteins by the Non-glycoprotein ERAD Pathway.
    J. Cell Biol., 2015
  • EDEM2 initiates mammalian glycoprotein ERAD by catalyzing the first mannose trimming step.
    J. Cell Biol., 2014
  • ATF6α/β-mediated adjustment of ER chaperone levels is essential for development of the notochord in medaka fish
    Mol. Biol. Cell, 2013
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